According to experts, poor posture is the main cause of shoulder, joint and leg pain. Their advice is simple enough – improve your posture immediately. This article presents a recipe that will ease the pain and reinforce the bone structure. If you suffer from this kind of pain the following recipe may be ideal for you.

Take 150 gr. of gelatin, and stir two tablespoons of it in a quarter of a cup of cold water. Leave the mixture at room temperature until the morning, when the gelatin should form a jelly. Drink the remedy mixed with milk, yogurt or tea.

The gelatin will easily help the pain in your joints, shoulders, neck and legs. You will feel the results in just a week. The treatment lasts for a month and is repeated again in six months. It will “lubricate” your joints and soothe the pain. Drinking this remedy is far better than using any pain-relieving method or becoming addicted to pills which often do not help.

Why is gelatin good for you?

Gelatin is a natural product derived from collagen found in animal by-products. It is a mixture of potent amino-acids, peptides and proteins which will stimulate and improve the structure of your connective tissues.

Gelatin is a great remedy with numerous health benefits. Here are some of them:

– Strengthens joints and muscles including the heart muscle;

– Boosts metabolism;

– Enhances mental abilities;

– Improves the complexion;

– Increases the elasticity and strength of connective tissue (ligaments, tendons)

– Prevents osteoarthritis and osteoporosis;

– It improves the skin and hair;

– It’s useful in treatment of dysplasia

The treatment provides results in only a week, and in just a month, you will already feel better and pain-free.