This guy though that he was suffering from an inflamed vein in his foot and ignored the symptoms for a month, but then he decided to visit a doctor when he noticed that the line on his foot is moving for several centimeters a day.

After getting back from a vacation in Nigeria, the 42-year old man noticed a strange, red line resembling an inflamed vein in his foot which actually turned out to be a parasitic worm living inside!

The man ignored the symptoms for a month, thinking it was a simple case of an inflamed vein, but after visiting the doctor he learned the shocking truth. Doctors at the Beijing hospital have found a parasitic worm called “cutanteous larva migrans” living inside his foot. This type of parasite enters the skin and causes inflammation and infections.

The worm found in the man’s foot is commonly found in animal organs, and it lays eggs in animal feces. You can infect yourself just by walking barefoot on the ground, with the feet, buttocks, abdomen or back mostly affected.