I am going to share a very simple treatment that will remove all aging signs from your skin taht appears on early age because of stress and pollution

This treatmnet will remove all fine lines, wrinkles, dark brown age spots on your skin

Things that you will need

Cucumber, we need half of a cucumber
Fuller’s earth
What to do:

Take half cucumber, first wash it properly and then grate it with peel
With help of stariner remove its juice
In this cucumber juiec add half table spoon of fuller’s earth
Mix it well and your anti aging treatment is ready

Application part

First make sure your face is clean
Take some virgin coconut or olive oil and massage your face with this oil for 3-4 minutes. Oil massage is very effective to get rid of file lines and wrinkles
After that soak a towel in hot water, remove excess water and put this warm towel on your face for few minutes and then wipe off your face with this towel to remove excess oil
Now apply anti aging treatment all over your face
Let it dry completely
Wash your face with cold wate